Pebbly Path Rocky Road

The most delicious treat to complement your wine whilst in lock down. We have teamed up with Pebbly Path to allow you to get that chocoloate fix dropped to your door with Burnbrae Wines. A 200 gram block of home made Rocky Road will give you that lift you need.

This is what Pebbly Path has to say...After you read this you will just want to try some, so add it to your cart!!

We aren’t your grandma’s rocky road. Yep, hers IS amazing, no question, but this is different. This is new, exciting, and constantly evolving. We’ve got home made honeycomb chunks, popping candy, berries, and a signature milk-dark chocolate blend that is indulgent and decadent but not bitter or sickly sweet. We aren’t traditional and we don’t want to be. We are here for the fun, the excitement, the flavour bombs and the experiments that turned into epic creations!