Andy - solo (small)

With a background in agriculture and business management, Andy is hands’ on in every aspect of Burnbrae as well as being our ‘Top Dog’ of the business.

Andy’s facts:

Favourite wine: Nothing goes passed the Burnbrae Shiraz
Favourite role at the winery: Talking about all things wine with guests
When he’s not at Burnbrae: He likes chasing a tiny little white ball around a massive paddock (aka golf), cricket & tennis too. But more than anything playing with his two little redheads and enjoying a cold ale, particularly the 548 Burnbrae Lager!
Other pastimes: ‘Dad’ jokes and listening to music whilst mowing Burnbrae’s vast and immaculate lawn areas


Trine - solo (small)

Trine is the Marketing and Events Manager at Burnbrae whilst running the business with Andy. She loves making sure that the wine we produce is top notch while also enjoying bringing big events together, which we hold here at our picturesque winery.

Trine’s facts:

Favourite wine: Burnbrae's Twinkle Toes, nicely chilled followed by a Jilly’s Pick Chardonnay
Favourite role at the winery: managing and running all of our events
When she’s not at Burnbrae: she’s cutting it up on the tennis court or touch footy oval or generally being a mum
Other pastimes: playing pranks on Andy and checking out the latest event and theming ideas